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Walking football is a slow-paced version of the beautiful game primarily designed to help people keep an active lifestyle irrespective of their age. It is also used by players recovering from injury as a way of getting back into the game.

Walking football is a fast growing sport across the UK and thanks to the installation of the 3G pitch the games is now available in Sudbury for the first time. We are now one of a handful of Suffolk FA approved locations where the game can be played in the county.

Walking football allows people to play the game they love in a fun and sociable way. Rules of walking football are variable to suit the participants, however there are some general rules which need to be applied:


  • Players are prohibited from sprinting, running or jogging while the ball is in play and anyone doing so will be penalised with a free kick awarded to the other side.
  • Walking Football is non-contact and no slide tackles are allowed.
  • Played with the use of a traditional ball outdoor.
  • If the ball goes off the pitch over the touchline, the game is restarted via a kick, roll or throw-in (to allow for different physical capabilities).

Monday 6-7pm and Tuesday 2-3pm

To register an interest call us on 01787 376213 or email


SOCCER sixes

Soccer Sixes will be held on the 3G pitch every Monday evening between 7pm and 10pm. The matches will be played according to FA rules and will be officiated by qualified referees.

Soccer Sixes, a fast and competitive game, is the perfect way to either compliment your in-season fitness or to stay fit in the off-season.

To enter a team into the Soccer Six league call James on 07535 504016, or via their website at

To register a team for Soccer 6 call 01787 376213.

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